bumperstickercarFrom Jane Hansen: Here’s a bumper sticker we saw recently on Ponce de Leon Avenue in Atlanta that the Hansen family loves: “YNOTBME.”

From Dallas Lee: When I walk our dog Ruthie, I hold the end of her leash in my right hand and the middle of the leash with my left. When she tugs like a little fish, I stop for her to check and dispense messages. But today, when a driver passed looking at me strangely, I glanced down and saw the connecting end of the leash dangling like an empty hook over the sidewalk. Three driveways behind me, Ruthie moseyed faithfully along unhooked, not the least surprised my mind had gone elsewhere.

From Glenna Kline: My favorite bumper sticker has always been “Honk if you’re not sure.”

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Keith Graham

Keith Graham

Keith Graham was among the recipients of the prestigious Stella Artois prize at the 2010 Edinburgh Festival. Named for a blind piano player, he is also well known for always giving money to street accordion players. A quotation that he considers meaningful comes from the Irish writer Roddy Doyle: "The family trees of the poor don't grow to any height." In addition to contributing to Like the Dew, Keith frequently posts quotations and links and occasionally longer articles at http://tartantambourine.com/