DSCN0447Traveling along Georgia’s Golden Isles Parkway, I always know I’m getting close to the beach when I pass this beautiful old apiary.

It is located in Gardi, between Jesup and Brunswick. Its quiet beauty always captures my attention, and causes me to slow down.

This is just a snapshot; my friend and professional photographer Bita Honarvar has captured it beautifully, and she recently expressed a fear I had not let myself acknowledge: what if I drive by one day and it is gone?

Reagan Walker

Reagan Walker

Reagan Walker is a former Sunday Editor of The Atlanta Journal and Constitution. A veteran writer and editor, she was an award-winning food writer and has covered other beats ranging from education to the war on terrorism to immigration.

  1. Chrys B. Graham

    Reagan, I love this building too and always look for it on our way to the coast. I have even thought, I need to buy that building and do something with it. Maybe open a restaurant– no, too much work and I don’t want to cook. Open an art studio–Would the artists and patrons come? Could it be put on the National Registry? How do you do that? I too don’t want to lose it. Shall we start a movement?

  2. I’ll join the movement. One of my favorite buildings.
    And that’s a pretty nice snap, Reagan…

  3. tear the damn thing down i say. o? we’ve a picture of it in our hallway?

  4. Saw it this morning on my way to Jesup. I’ll check in the Courthouse and see who owns it. An art gallery would be nice, but why not put in some bees and sell some honey?

  5. Reagan Walker

    Mimi, I would love to know anything about the back story. And yes, I think it’s a perfect place for bees and honey. Just protect the structural integrity of the building, stick some hives in or near it and sell honey out of it one weekend a month or something…

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