pearson3-2Now that we are facing obesity, diabetes, heart disease, asthma, food sensitivities and allergens in such massively high numbers, do we need to ask the very ugly question: Has our food been purposefully modified to make sure that both greed and consumption keep the profits flowing? Are we eating food that is contrived and altered to make sure that every aspect of the medical field is always keeping profit centers growing and the corporations are amassing fortunes on our ill health?

What other reason could there possibly be for the state of our bodies?

We smell cooking grease and think it is appetizing. We see platters of food getting larger and larger and larger, and only want the super, super size. And then we wonder why we feel so lethargic and yukky?

And it turns out, most of today’s ailments and disease are indeed linked to our toxic food, from fibromyalgia to MS, RA, chronic fatigue, asthma, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, even some cancers, and the list goes on endlessly. What will it take for us to be our own contractors of health?

And if we want to leave all that “American goodness” behind and go to organic, we are pierced by the out- of- the- world prices of eating healthy and organic. What a double stab! It is unconscionable that those that are providing so called healthy organic food have no trouble charging exorbitant prices. What does that say about the ethics of the providers?

And another ugly question is how organic is this “organic” food, considering that our underground has been tainted by toxic waste, corporate chemical runoff and nuclear testing? The argument is, that at least by degrees, organic food is less toxic because of non-toxic pesticide use.

Here in Asheville, N.C., there is a community group called Bountiful Cities Project that is taking on this whole issue by providing gardens and healthy foods. Being your own producer is healthy and invigorating. There are no questions of how this food is grown or processed.

Are we at a place where we need to revisit how agricultural societies lived to ensure that our children and grandchildren are not beset by disease?

Is it not time to do what Cuba and some places in South America had no choice but to do? Go back to the community garden and provide for the community? Are we really going to let the corporations continue to tell us how to eat and thereby let them determine our personal health? What is the next step for us?

Bountiful Cities Project:

Ariel Harris

Ariel Harris

Ariel Harris, believer in the positive and intentional language, artist, writer, empowerer/tutor for 'at-risk' kids, shares life-joy with her soul mate Jamal (of ‘round midnite' fame, WCQS), has a bevy of three grown socially conscious extraordinary children plus two wonderful loving wedding additions, two granddaughters, and is awaiting heralding the time of great comfort for all. Ariel is available for comfort sessions and can be reached at [email protected]