dsc01100Teresa Weaver, Reagan Walker and Soyia Ellison — all former star journalists at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution — were taking a break from the Alabama Shakespeare Festival and wandering around Montgomery when they happened across the sign at this club.

Reagan writes: “The backward letters caught our eye. It took a few U-turns to get back for this snapshot of course — calling attention to ourselves and prompting one kind local to roll her window down and ask ‘Y’all need help?'”

Demonstrating that she is as skilled with a camera as she is with words, Teresa took the photo.

  1. Wow. This looks like what you might call reverse discrimination. I can’t imagine how they verify who’s eligible to get in. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Eleanor Ringel Cater

    well, it is a FAMILY lounge, so maybe…
    But you know, it was Cynthia Good—sweet, kind little Cynthia Good-as-her-name — who messed with the Men Working sign near Gov. Sonny’s house and caused a gender uproar!

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