#6 in a series of 10 Extraordinary Roadside Attractions in Georgia. Summer’s here and the time is right for finding odd things by the streets.Thinking road trip? Georgia’s back roads bloom with odd sites, strange creatures and mystic wonders. Here are a few worth checking out.

1095568483_9cbe9e752ajpgTo honor the centennial of the much better known (and much, much larger) statue in New York harbor, folks in McRae decided to concoct their own version of Miss Liberty. Lots of people chipped in. Someone carved the head from cypress. Sheets sprayed with fiberglass became the fabric-draped body. A light bulb set in a cement-filled glove became Miss Liberty’s torch. Once the statue was set up, nobody had the heart to get rid of it. So Miss Liberty still stands in a park in the center of McRae, her 100-watt torch held proudly aloft.

Links: YouTube, Wikipedia, Georgia.gov, How Stuff Works,

How to get there: Take U.S. 441/319 to downtown McRae.

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Joe Earle

Joe Earle

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  1. Joe — I’m enjoying this series. Hope to get out and see them all once some renovation work is done.

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