#2 in a series of 10 Extraordinary Roadside Attractions in Georgia. Summer’s here and the time is right for finding odd things by the streets.Thinking road trip? Georgia’s back roads bloom with odd sites, strange creatures and mystic wonders. Here are a few worth checking out.

ironhorse600This towering metal statue of a horse now stands, aloof and alone, in field on a Greene County farm. But the horse once touched off something like a riot at the University of Georgia. When it was unveiled on campus during the 1950s, some students objected to the sculpture. They trashed the horse and even tried to burn it. University officials removed the offending beast and hid it away. A few years later, the Horse appeared on the farm miles outside town, its backside turned toward Athens.

Links: Wikipedia, Greene County Chamber of Commerce, Georgia Info

How to get there: Take Ga. 15 north from Greensboro.

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Joe Earle

Joe Earle

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  1. I heard once from old-time Athenians that students used to leave piles of real live horse manure under the horse’s tail when the sculpture was on campus.

  2. Tim Oliver

    At A.B.A.C. we had a life-sized statue of our mascot, the Golden Stallion. It was, frequently, adorned with a jock strap and a bra, being equal opportunity vandels, I reckon.

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