gatorIs somebody upcountry building an ark?

A pickup truck passed me coming north out of Folkston Thursday and the man in the passenger seat was leaning out the window making paddling motions.

On Wednesday I saw a five-foot long alligator prancing across U.S. 341, a divided four-lane, in western Glynn County. I called one of the female environmentalists at the Georgia DNR in Brunswick. She said gator road crossings had become a pretty common thing. She seemed more concerned with traffic flow and counted it as a good sign when I told her the gator was headed toward the Altamaha River rather than scampering toward higher ground.

Up in the flatwoods, where I live, we don’t have gators (mostly because our biggest waterholes are ditches by the highway) and we’re hoping and praying for more afternoon showers. One good thing about living in flat country, no matter how much it rains the water never gets over ankle deep.

Piney Woods Pete

Piney Woods Pete

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