discloroxbotIt must be Southern, since I found these words inside an old timey amber bleach bottle on the periphery of a rest area (where dogs were assigned to relieve themselves) on the way to Charleston, SC, protruding from the mud where the land turned to swamp. The bottled was labeled X X X on folded notebook paper smudged and drooling under some scotch tape. I transcribed the note inside and am posting it below. My guess is it was written by a student. If anyone can identify it’s author (I’ve googgled and come up empty) let me know. I can’t decide whether to put it back or keep it, believing kismet sent it to me.

Owing to its origin it must be Southern, so i felt compelled to share it here. Also the notes amorphous subject reminds me of the indescribable reverie when doting upon a Southern Springtime.

The title was badly smudged, but i think it said: Celestial Resonance

Celestial perhaps
and maybe invisible
hardly perceivable
not quite discernible
but oh so seemingly knowable

and quite reasonably solely illusion

irreducible yet quite multifaceted

and in so many iterations does the occurrence of the probability of its palpability exude

when embraceable maybe traceable

to nowhere every time

never irascible
highly hide and go seekable

weightless while seeming so formidable

fomenting rapture
fostering analysis
nurturing nonsense
felt in gut
feasibly neither and both
agony and bliss

never f*cked with and always intercoursitudinal

an end til arrived at then empty

wispy reverence respects its mystery

peerless unperceivable clarity
until stared at directly

in agreement with the above
abominable to name

wisely inscrutable
yet so tempting to catch and quantify

oh sure, one really does no harm referring to certain manifestations as
utter mystery
since such nomenclature
admits defeat in utterance
reducing defining to divining
merely stuttering putterance

primordially extra dimensional
like the dot becoming an ever larger circle
then growing smaller in circumference
then just after becoming a dot again
nowhere to be found

which is how when trapped flatly within only two dimensions
one might experience three
when a sphere
passes through ones plane


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