There is no school Friday in San Antonio. Don’t worry about making appointments or returning calls. We should be exhausted from partying all week at Fiesta.

On Friday we are all expected to go downtown and thrill as the floats with Queens (seriously), Duchesses and miles of marching bands snake through the city, while we gorge on gorditas.  Our royalty represent our city so well — although I can’t imagine anything I’d want them to do for me, or why they exist at all.  Just look at these photos of the Investiture of King Antonio LXXXVII.

Although they might look like Five Star hotel doormen, the Texas Cavaliers are proud insurance salesmen and other (white) notables who charge for the privilege to watch their parades (3) and their daughters in gowns, throw some of the proceeds to local charities, then take off for a cruise.

Today I heard several sirens and pulled over, only to see 2 motorcycle cops (taxpayer supported) stop traffic to blaze a trail for the Black SUV’s labeled “Miss Fiesta San Antonio.”  I see our dear chosen one and her entourage, fussing over a late appointment, which I’m sure is more important than anything that I, or the 50 cars screaching to a halt behind me, could imagine doing with our lives.

Here they are, and when we will see them tomorrow, I will try to explain to my daughter why she will never be exalted and hauled on a trailer sweating in a 60 pound gowns.

Of course it’s all for fun, at least for one brief shining moment, for these silly happy people.   For the rest of us, back to work!

Suz Korbel

Suz Korbel

Graduating in '71 from Cornell gave me a few unencumbered years of protesting, followed by 4 happy hipster grad student/worker years at U of Michigan, completing a Ph.D. in public administration. Followed a comedian to San Francisco, then my heart to Austin Texas to learn the TV business, dabbled in hot&heavy politics in DC, and returned to Austin & San Antonio, Texas to hone my political/media skills. I make my money conducting consumer and political opinion studies.