bonzoThe hidden victims of the Reagan revolution have long been aspirants to the upper middle class, not the actual top few percentile in terms of earnings. This pitiable/laughable farce was self-perpetrated as those who aspired to elitism socially were long stripped of much of their not yet prime time wealth by tax laws much more favorable to those truly belonging to the upper class, not the wannabes.

Semantics become problematic since the upper class here in America claims to be the “upper middle class.” Shall we call those whose incomes fall short of the top few percent “lower upper middle class”?

Beyond semantics is sociology. Working class families in non- or anti-union states have long chosen personal financial security over idealism. That is, it is better to keep a job by agreeing politically with the boss than voting self-interest.

So inside the demise of Republican popularity are some fairly heftily conflicted masochists.

In the South, those provincial boors loudest amongst the Dixie flag wavers are rarely descendents of slave owners. Their “heritage” is largely imagined. Ironically their lineage is more likely traced to ancestors belonging to the “white slave class” vis-a’-vis “owing ones soul to the company store.”

Let us now savor the buffoonery of the white truly middle class Republican as he kicks and screams all the way to the bank during the upcoming Reagan undoing.

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