112-1211_imgWell, you asked for posts as we travel.

Arthur and I are going to Austin on the world’s worst airline.

Three guesses.

Weather in Austin grounded us in Houston so we could refuel. Were then told we would have to wait for an hour because of line up of planes taking off.

Now we are stuck on the tarmac for possibly hours and they will sell us food.

Sell us food, sell us food, sell us food.

Please post and e blast.

Call it trapped on Delta.


Someone please help us.

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Eleanor Ringel Cater

Eleanor Ringel Cater

Eleanor Ringel Cater, long-time movie critic for The Atlanta Journal and Constitution, also has been a regular contributor to CNN, MSNBC, Entertainment Weekly, Headline News and WXIA, Atlanta's NBC affiliate, and a columnist for TV Guide.