img_0Graffiti on restroom wall at George’s Bar and Restaurant in Atlanta: “The AJC: Not Bad — for Georgia.”

Explaining the vegetable selection on a menu at another Atlanta restaurant, a waitress says the choices include broccolini, which she adds is long and thin and “sort of the super model of broccoli.”

Sign on an Atlanta strip joint: “Just like Cheers with nude women.”

Keith Graham

Keith Graham

Keith Graham was among the recipients of the prestigious Stella Artois prize at the 2010 Edinburgh Festival. Named for a blind piano player, he is also well known for always giving money to street accordion players. A quotation that he considers meaningful comes from the Irish writer Roddy Doyle: "The family trees of the poor don't grow to any height." In addition to contributing to Like the Dew, Keith frequently posts quotations and links and occasionally longer articles at