Seems to be a good idea to not just join the TEA Party, but to refuse to pay income taxes this year. Why not?

The worst that can happen is that I’ll be offered a Cabinet post, or a seat in the U.S. Congress or the Georgia Legislature.


Wayne Johnson

Age 64 (64 in August 2009) Retired City/County Manager: Spalding County, GA; City of Stone Mountain, GA; Tift County, GA; Polk County, GA. Experience in broadcast journalism and computer programming. Native Mt. Vernon, GA, graduate Montgomery County High School. Graduate Mercer University, BS in Business Administration. Not Democrat, not Republican. American. First cousin of Piney Woods Pete.

  1. Seems to me there will be a lot of people not paying their taxes this year as an example to all the the Washington crowd who showed us how it is done. I wouldn’t want a position in the Obama cabinet, don’t think any of them will last all 4 years.

  2. Lee Leslie

    I must have missed something. Gingrich & Company stripped the funding for IRS auditors, so Morgan Keegan, and the like, could create all kinds of schemes to hide income or bury them on Wall Street, all the while corporate America slipped off shore and stop paying at all. At the same time, the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) which was designed to get the super-rich to pay at least some tax, started applying to our inflation-and-jumbo-mortgage-challenged middle class while the Congressional Wingnuts refused to change the law out of fear the emperor’s veil covering the Bush tax cuts for the super-rich would reveal they had done nothing and worse for working Americans.

    What happened in the vetting process for the new cabinet was a private, and very conservative, preemptive audit to make sure good government starts that way and stays that way. There will always be people in government who make mistakes, whose hubris betrays those they represent, or they forget the difference between loyalty and corruption – some in this government will likely fail, too – but, these are the best and brightest who could pass the audit and it is time to dance with the government who brung us here. In fact, that is exactly what patriotism means in our quasi-democratic republic.

    I don’t hate to pay taxes. I hate that I can’t afford to pay them when times are tough like they are right now. The years that I could afford it, I felt great pride in writing the check. Enjoy your Tea party. Your free speech is a right that every left wing liberal would give their life to defend.

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