images-4So Ol’ Roy Barnes is itching to be governor again. It’s like Sheriff Lewis Parker down in Baxley, Georgia, said when people wanted him to toss his hat in the ring for state representative: A couple of folks whispering in your ear don’t make a landslide.

You’d have to think there are more people who remember what they didn’t like about King Roy than folks hankering for him to return. The flaggers, for a couple hundred thousand. They’ll be climbing power poles sticking up posters they’ve already got printed. Heck, if Roy runs, it may be a boon time for Rebel flag manufacturers. A lot of those old banners have gotten threadbare.

And the teachers. Sonny Perdue’s been passing out $100 gift cards for every public school teacher in the state every year. Compare that with Roy’s threat to throw them to the gators.

Still, Barnes is experienced and he might be able to get the state house moving again. The trick will be convincing all those people he ran off from his tent that there’s any reason to come back inside. He’s going to need a new act if he wants to get the elephants out of the center ring.

Piney Woods Pete

Piney Woods Pete

Hard-charging salesman by day, Piney Woods Pete stays up late into the foggy night to render words.

  1. My good friend Mr. Pete is right that a bizarre coalition of teachers and Confederate flaggers brought down Gov. Barnes. But let’s remember that neither group got what they wanted. The flaggers, who are more than a century behind the rest of the South in understanding that the Civil War is over and they lost, did not get the state flag they wanted. And the teachers? Gov. Perdue has resisted every effort to adequately fund schools during his years in office. The data on that is more than abundant. Let’s hope the educators at least vote their true best interest, and the best interest of our state, in the next election.

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