1 ) Moving from a region known for racism to a region known for Republicans isn’t moving on.
2 ) “Red” is too close to “redneck.”
3 ) George Wallace and JB Stoner could be our only legacy.
4 ) To prove that Dixiecrats aren’t the same as Democrats (who live in the South).
5 ) Our women are smart and sassy; Molly Ivins, Anne Richards, Shirley Franklin, Kay Hagan, etc. Their women are — well, like Elizabeth Dole.
6 ) It will freak-out Yankees who think we all wear white sheets and live in plantations.
7 ) Atticus Finch was a southern Democrat.
8 ) Maybe less enlightened Southerners would think twice before hauling out their repellent rebel flags.
9 ) FDR chose Warm Springs, Georgia as his second home and took his last magnolia-filled breath in the South.
10 ) Frankly my dear, we do give a damn!!!

Melinda Ennis

Melinda Ennis-Roughton

A veteran of the marketing and advertising business, Melinda Ennis-Roughton is the principal and owner of an Atlanta-based marketing firm called Melworks Inc. 

She previously served as executive director and chief marketing officer for the Atlanta branding initiative, chief global marketing officer for Church's Chicken, managing partner with Ender Partners Advertising in Atlanta, as well as a senior vice president at Tausche Martin Lonsdorf and Fitzergerald+CO. advertising agencies in Atlanta. 

From 1983-93, Ennis-Roughton held senior marketing roles for Arby's Restaurants, where she became the first female vice president and senior vice president of marketing. 

She is a 25-year resident of Atlanta and is married to Bert Roughton, a managing editor at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

  1. Lee Leslie

    a few more that come to mind…
    11) To cancel out one vote from someone you really can’t stand who lives in Cobb County.
    12) To make all the Republicans in line behind you wait as long as you can while voting.
    13) To be able to bitch and moan until the next election without actually being a hypocrite.
    14) To keep from having to vote for people named Sonny, Newt, Bo, Lester, Guy and Saxby.

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