Julia RobertsDuplicity, the new romantic comedy/thriller starring Julia Roberts and Clive Owen, has a twisty globetrotting plot that takes the stars from Rome to London to New York to Miami to … Dunwoody?

Yep. At one point in this convoluted but delightful film (courtesy of Tony Gilroy who also made “Michael Clayton”), there’s a wink and a nod from the once-and-forever sweetheart of Smyrna, Ms. Roberts. Or I at least assume it may have been her suggestion.

As she and Owen are trying to find a crack in the seemingly uncrackable façade of a cosmetics giant, they discover the company has purchased a little building in … that’s right, Dunwoody, Georgia.

Nothing recognizable is shown, just a generic brick building with something like Dunwoody Industrial pasted on its side. Still, several locals in my audience cracked up. Dunwoody … where high-flying corporate crooks funnel their ill-gotten gains!

Eleanor Ringel Cater

Eleanor Ringel Cater

Eleanor Ringel Cater, long-time movie critic for The Atlanta Journal and Constitution, also has been a regular contributor to CNN, MSNBC, Entertainment Weekly, Headline News and WXIA, Atlanta's NBC affiliate, and a columnist for TV Guide.

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  1. Billy Howard

    Thank God there’s a place where I can read Eleanor Ringel Cater movie reviews! I’ve struggled too long on my own trying to figure out what movies to watch!

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