Georgia’s House of Representatives, in all its wisdom, voted yesterday against a resolution honoring President Obama and making him an honorary member of the Legislative Black Caucus.

House Republicans apparently didn’t want to associate themselves with Obama’s vision, even though the state Senate has already approved the resolution. The House vote was 70-68 against the resolution.

“He’s the president. We respect that,” Majority Leader Jerry Keen, a Republican from Saint Simons Island told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “But a lot of people in this room didn’t vote for him.”

That reasoning is interesting because we were not previously aware that all our House Republicans won unanimous votes, either. In fact, we were not even aware that everyone on St. Simons Island voted for Mr. Keen. We do know some people in Mr. Keen’s district, who voted for the new president and who quite proudly celebrated his inauguration with a party at the Oyster Shak in Brunswick. We are also very certain that many people who drive daily on the Ronald Reagan Parkway and Larry McDonald Memorial Highway didn’t vote for those guys.

But the House Republicans are, at least, being consistent. As a general rule, they don’t tend to go in for vision, Obama’s or otherwise.

To give Mr. Keen some credit, he did today call on his colleagues to revive the resolution, a move approved by a 143-2 vote. But the measure had at last report been shuffled off to a committee for consideration of compromise wording.

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Keith Graham

Keith Graham

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