Overheard from a man musing over an article in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution about a possible plan to introduce Florida panthers into Georgia’s Okefenokee Swamp: “If Florida panthers come to Georgia, would they still be Florida panthers?”

Attractive young woman in a craft shop in the Buckhead section of Atlanta, Georgia, asking for a product called “Mr. Stiffy.” “And what exactly do you do with it?” a bemused clerk asks. “The woman who told me about the product is a widow,” the young woman replies.

A large F scrawled in front of a sign saying Utility Work near the Emory University campus in Atlanta, Georgia, so that it now reads “Futility Work.’’

Keith Graham

Keith Graham

Keith Graham was among the recipients of the prestigious Stella Artois prize at the 2010 Edinburgh Festival. Named for a blind piano player, he is also well known for always giving money to street accordion players. A quotation that he considers meaningful comes from the Irish writer Roddy Doyle: "The family trees of the poor don't grow to any height." In addition to contributing to Like the Dew, Keith frequently posts quotations and links and occasionally longer articles at http://tartantambourine.com/

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  1. Chrys B. Graham

    Great street scenes. I think the panthers will have to be Georgia panthers.. It is the Georgia State University mascot after all.

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