Anti-WEF demonstators take part in a protest against the ongoing World Economic Forum with a slogan saying
I don’t know about you, but I really love this time of year. Sure, you say, who doesn’t love the parties, the drinking, being with family, the drinking, watching bowl games, the drinking, and so on? But wait. There’s more. This is the time, a season really, when we get to appreciate all the important moments of 2008. This will be a banner year. In fact, I’ll go out on a limb and project that the important moments of 2008 will break last year’s record breaking important moments total.

Every list will surely include the election Barack Obama, the Beijing Olympics, Britney’s comeback, the Intergallactic financial meltdown, and our successful surges around the world. Many will focus on Sarah’s clothes or Blagojevech’s hair or Elliot’s new focus on his family. Some will chronicle Phelps or Tiger or Eli or OJ. The rise and fall of Alaskan influence on politics. The earthquakes, cyclones, hurricanes, floods and fires. The deaths, the murders, the suicides. The crises, scandals, spins and parsing. We have a lot to remember. The best movies. The best music. The best award shows. The breakthroughs. The breakdowns. The break-ins.

It is an exciting time. I have chills just thinking about seeing all those CNN breaking stories run again. Hearing the best news speculation team in the business speculate on what speculation was closest to what actually happened, how we should leave that for historians to speculate on. Remembering the personal tragedies. Chronicling the corruption. Counting the incredible amounts of money spent or lost. Seeing the graphic footage of total strangers describing events and recall how they felt as they just happened to be walking down the street when the reporters arrived and couldn’t find anyone else to talk to.

And surely the looking back season won’t be complete without looking back at previous years of looking forward as part of looking back. Culminating, as is only proper, in looking back on Bush’s legacy, his great moments, triumphs and influence on the late night comedy.

Yes, try as you might to forget this miserable, underachieving, failure of year, you won’t be allowed to. For it is the season to remember way back when yesterday was today.

Photo: REUTERS – Anti-WEF demonstators take part in a protest against the ongoing World Economic Forum with a slogan saying “The WEF for the ass” in Davos, January 26, 2008

Lee Leslie

Lee Leslie

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