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High Tide Apparition
High Tide Apparition

While men slumber, daring men trawl off the coast. Through dusk, midnight, into dawn their boats dance upon waves, major and minor. But what if a rogue wave or something gone awry scuttled an ill-fated trawler long ago. Does this surreal daybreak reveal that ghostly trawler? Could it be some phantom or mirage, a Fata Morgana?

Look again. It is there absolutely true and believable. High tide has tempted captain intrepid to sift for crustaceans close to shore. To his west, a colossal curl of wind-borne gravity-stricken saltwater topples and the greatest white noise—falling surf—reveals Earth’s great exhaling.

Across open sea, fetch sends waves shoreward to the delight of children the world over. Were you a sea-struck child? Close your eyes and return to childhood. Feel the surf running and twisting around your legs, cold and rushing and clutching like a thing alive. Now open your adult eyes and behold that backlit trawler. Through lost years and ocean spray our would-be apparition materializes, a solitary trawler seeking the sea’s bounty.

Wind, water, gravity, children, and men. Performers all in the drama, The Ocean In Motion, a moving thing at the edge of the continent, more precisely Folly Beach.




Each week Robert Clark and I post the photo of the week. Photo by Robert C. Clark.

Tom Poland

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