Handgun-yay-1561569I’m stealing this title and part of the post from David Waldman at DailyKos because it is just too perfect. Guns fail — never the people in whose hands they end up. Can we say “false attribution of agency”?

This week’s summary:

Among this weeks GunFAILers, we have three who shot themselves removing their guns from their cars, which I suppose lends support to the guns = cars crowd. Two who accidentally discharged their weapons while supposedly practicing gun safety procedures. Two who experienced discharges on their way into or out of their holsters. Two who shot themselves with their own concealed weapons. Two who shot themselves and lied to police about having been attacked. Two road rage incidents. Two toddlers who shot themselves. Two dropped guns. One discharged in a public bathroom (again). Three who shot through the walls or windows of a neighbor’s home. One accidental discharge by a law enforcement officer. And of course, four who shot themselves cleaning loaded guns, bringing my running total to 17 for the month of March, and 72 for the year.

There are 48 entries. Two from Georgia.

RISING FAWN, GA, 3/08/13: Corey Williams accidentally shot himself with a 22 rifle. The good news for Williams: it’s a non-life threatening injury. The bad news: Williams is a convicted felon who is currently on probation. Williams was charged with one count of a felon in possession of a firearm. That is a felony charge and he is currently in the Dade County Jail.

MADISON CO., GA, 3/12/13: A 17-year-old shot himself in the hand. Responding officers find him to be an amateur horticulturalist, as well as a scale collector, apparently. How interesting!

The Bold Progressives want us to lobby our Senators.

Sen. Chambliss: (202) 224-3521
Sen. Isakson: (202) 224-3643

Tell them to ban the manufacture, importation and sale of automatic weapons and the amunition that goes with them. I have nothing against people owning armaments and carrying them around. It’s shooting them off that I want to stop. And that includes the shooting school in my neighborhood.

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