Southern Vigilance

The price of liberty? According to Thomas Jefferson, that goes under the heading. eternal vigilance, probably the exact opposite of patriotism, or, depending on definitions, the exact same thing. When President Richard Nixon was getting vigilated he tried to change the subject by using the phrase, “Let’s talk about what’s right with America.” Another phrase comes to mind in response, Patriotism, the last refuge of a scoundrel.

Drawing, Liberal Media
Who owns the free press?

If we-the-people were to take Jefferson’s admonition serious how would we protect liberty? Would we accept our government:

  • Curtailing liberty in the form of the Orwellian-named Patriot Act?
  • Granting “socialist” bail-outs to Wall Street banks, the very entities that have vigorously opposed “socialism” for the people?
  • Consistently supporting anti-democratic elites abroad behind a wall of patriotic and fear-based rhetoric?
  • Using military power and illegal war to dominate other nations?
  • Establishing a judiciary that increasingly empowers anti-democratic forces at home?
  • Allowing same anti-democratic forces to increasingly control the media and educational institutions?
  • Allowing same anti-democratic forces to undermine and dominate the political process through campaign contributions and “dirty tricks” – to include vulnerable-to-hacking electronic voting machines?
  • Prioritizing profit for the few over citizen well-being and environmental health?
  • Opening the U.S. Treasury as a virtual ATM machine to defense contractors and other elite campaign contributors?
  • Promoting expensive, vulnerable and dangerous nuclear power over benign alternatives?
  • Continuing suicidal policies around nuclear weapons, such as launch-on-warning, and their proliferation?
  • And that ain’t all!

Or would we apply a little vigilance, and a little resistance?

Tom Ferguson

Tom Ferguson

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